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Estudios para paredes 

(Wall studies)

"Stained walls. Walls, cracked and chipped. Dirty, mottled, tainted; layer upon layer, they keep the ghostly silhouettes of passers-by, the desires and disappointments of those who exist within them. People walking, dancing, marching, fleeing, fighting; people dreaming of seas and mountains, of freedom and experience. People hiding their truths, their lies, their realities and deceptions. A city, wrapped by its walls, trapped inside a gallery, hangs on a different surface. Transported into a new kind of quarantine, the city seeks to leave confinement. Transposed into metaphor, the city begins to imagine the possibility of rebirth. In 'Wall studies', Maia Gambis shares the creative process of a personal lockdown. We behold introspection, how the pieces of the walls one builds around oneself become a canvas, something ethereal that cannot be torn down. These studies have experienced the creative process intensely, they have'seen it all', layer upon layer; these 'walls' are human; they witness the soul enclosed within them, that human soul that seeks destinations beyond the smooth stone barrier of its cave."

white baby-black baby.jpg
White baby-black baby

Mixed media on canvas
174.5 x 74.5 cm

Mixed media on canvas

174.5 x 74.5 cm
the golden touch.jpg
The golden touch

Mixed media on canvas

74.5 x 174.5 cm
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