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Coming up for air. 
Taught bodies, figures pushed to the edge, expanding, over-exerting themselves, as they lose shape or seem improbable. The singularity of organicity stems from a form's unstable nature, forever changing, while pointing back to its origin. Freedom lies in this elasticity, often triggered by its surroundings, yet not bound to them.
The Jubilee series — monochromatic silhouettes on subdued 
backdrops — to be arranged and re-arranged, alone or collectively, ad infinitum, give way to a potentially endless 'matching' and 'mismatching' of forms as new associations arise. In all, they become an exercise in play, synonymous to the act of being. 
Hyperboles, as a body of work, pays homage to movement in its purest form.
Untitled 1 and 2 / Coming up for air (Jubilee series)
Acrylic, charcoal, watercolor on paper
Dimensions variable
“My process is intimately related to the outcome. As in any relationship, initially there are always a series of circumstances that one is more or less in control of, or so one would like to think. But things evolve unexpectedly. For meaning to arise, there needs to be a 'letting go', which ultimately allows for a loop to form, from beginning to end. This, I think, is the common denominator of my creative endeavors. Meaning always comes to me as an afterthought, a punctuation mark... a placeholder in space and time.”

Flat sculpture: Acrylic, wood, charcoal, chalk
50 x 120 cm
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