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"Coming up for air."    "Taught bodies, figures pushed to the edge, expanding, over-exerting themselves, as they lose shape or seem improbable. The singularity of organicity stems from a form's unstable nature, forever changing, while pointing back to its origin. Freedom lies in this elasticity, often triggered by its surroundings, yet not bound to them. The Jubilee series — monochromatic silhouettes on subdued  backdrops — to be arranged and re-arranged, alone or collectively, ad infinitum, give way to a potentially endless 'matching' and 'mismatching' of forms as new associations arise. In all, they become an exercise in play, synonymous to the act of being.  Hyperboles, as a body of work, pays homage to movement in its purest form."

Untitled 1 and 2 / Coming up for air (Jubilee series)
Acrylic, charcoal, watercolor on paper
Dimensions variable
Flat sculpture: Acrylic, wood, charcoal, chalk
50 x 120 cm
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