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Ici, là-bas

(Here, there)

Effaced human forms.

There is a contemplative quality to the following images that relate to Gambis' rather introverted demeanor as a photographer; a quiet observer of her environment that feeds off of the deep, saturated hues to impose her point of view. Blues, blacks — recurring colors in Gambis' work (cf. blue-black) — are interrupted by a pop of color; what is seemingly muted due to the absence of content, is just as soon 'un-muted' by the density of that which 'stands in' as the subject. 

Despite the darkness that envelopes these images, ambiguous in nature, there is a sense of immense pleasure experienced by the seeping-through of neons into the foreground. 

Archival pigment print / edition of 5
Dimensions variable
Midnight house (1-2)
Archival pigment prints / editions of 5
Dimensions variable
Horizon (1-3)
Archival pigment prints / editions of 5
Dimensions variable
“I rather like the idea that my work conveys spaces where human presence, rarely overt in my photographs, still lingers, as if someone has just left the space.”
Archival pigment print / edition of 3
Dimensions variable
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