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In Search of Latitudes (1999). 


Maia's most early work presents itself as a conscientious search of an artistic persona. Here are born recurring notions of space and balance, mapping the complexity of her universe and its unfolding geometry.

The theme here is water; a fluid, unpredictable body that runs free, in contrast with 'other bodies' (organic and/or artificial) that cut or slice the frame.

With this series we get a first glimpse of Gambis' curiosity for texture, an interest that resurfaces in her later works on paper (cf. Garden of Eden). She explores the refraction of light, but we also get insight into the importance of contrasting 'abstract' backgrounds versus 'geometrical' foregrounds, framing the scenes and giving her images the minimalistic style that characterizes much of her photographic work (cf. microhistorias). 

Kodachrome / edition of 3
Dimensions variable
Kodachrome / edition of 3
Dimensions variable
Kodachrome / edition of 3
Dimensions variable
Long beach
Gelatin silver prints / editions of 3
Dimensions variable
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