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man on roof


"A man on the roof... or a break in the frame... content seems to thin out or oversaturate as if seeking escape, pushing photography to its breaking point. The frame becomes as important as its content, a meticulous process that begins where it ends. The conversation always pertains to the margins firmly set by the photographer and the relationship between that which is included and that which is not The photograph is defined as much by the positive space as it is by the negative. This hyper-sensitivity to opposites (light/dark, presence/absence, nature/artifice, chaos/order...) as a means of creating tension, exposes the seams of Maia Gambis's process while revealing her subjects as both overpowered and overpowering. The miniature silhouette of a man, arms raised, on the edge of a precipice under a blanket of grey sky, is as vulnerable as it is mighty, as the sole inhabitant of the frame..."

Minimal beach / Minimal grass 
Archival pigment prints / editions of 5
Dimensions variable
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