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Paris nights


"Nudes, all women, outlined by the vibrance of color, as if illuminated by the neons of the boisterous City of Lights. Clues are dropped in each piece, a truth to be uncovered; a ghostly figure emerging from a muddle of chaos; maybe a forest? The delicate rendering of a female form in pastels on coarsened wood; are those drill holes? Culminating in Paris Nights, a woman with her back to the viewer, and, on her left, an ambiguous form reaching out; is it human?  Paris Nights is a tribute to the great masters as they brought to light the psychology and sexuality of their subjects in relation to their natural surroundings, as it is a study on the physicality of the body accentuated by the interplay of textures."

Nude in black
Acrylic, pastel on wood
22.5 x 23 x 4 cm
Acrylic, pastel on wood
20.5 x 30 cm
Woman in green
Acrylic, pastel on wood
23.5 x 30 cm
Woman in orange
Acrylic, pastel on canvas
30 x 25 cm 
Woman in midnight blue
Mixed media on canvas
45 x 45 cm 
Paris nights
Acrylic, pastel on wood (dyptic) 
121 x 244 cm
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