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Selva sagrada
(Sacred forest)

"Mother Nature at its climax, at its purest; Selva sagrada is set in the cloud forests of Ecuador, the artist's adopted country of residence. Selva sagrada explores the sacred photographs and videos of on-site interventions, including camera trap footage, which records the forest when no on is looking... or so it seems. "When Man is away, the forest comes out to play."  Gambis' formal and aesthetic endeavor superimposes nature in the raw — branches rustling, birds chirping, rain pouring — in stark contrast with wire, cable, glass, plexiglass; shiny, cold, artificial materials that together stand as placeholders of Man, an invasive presence within this context.  Is there beauty in what Man introduces / leaves behind? Is there purpose?

Untitled (1-3)
Archival pigment prints / editions of 3
Dimensions variable
Video: 34'
Camera trap footage: 21'
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