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de la noche a la mañana

(from one day to the next)

Movement, stillness, endings, new beginnings, nostalgia, projections, desires, fears; the liberty to leave, the need to escape, the inherent risks, the loss of identity, a "fresh start"...

de la noche a la mañana begins with testimonials collected and recorded from immigrants during the pandemic in 2020. Each of the seven pieces that comprise the exhibit is inspired by a specific (often poetic) phrase expressed by the participants. The global pandemic and the imposed measures of confinement

serve to amplify these narratives and the recurring themes that thread each story.  

Through photographs, flat sculptures, kinetic pieces, film, and sound — conceived as one body — the work reflects on the fragmented character of the exhibit's audio recording, a piece in itself entitled Qué poderosas son las historias (Stories are powerful).

de la noche a la mañana offers a "composition in parts" where the "whole" refers to the very plurality that lies within a theme as vast and complex as human migration. 

More than a personal or political stance on the subject, Gambis creates a contemplative take on a universal theme, creating a metaphor-on-metaphor of sorts that transforms the pressing reality of diaspora into art. 

Va a ser una nueva era 
(It's going to be a new era)
Zootrope​ (animated)
Metal, wood, cardboard, chalk
50" diameter
Algo así es la libertad para mi
(Something like this is freedom for me)
Glass cube, dandelion seeds, propeller
150 x 50 x 50 cm
See full video of exhibit
Migrante mas no errante 
(Migrant but not a nomad)
Projection, cement wall: 3"
Yo no estoy metido en un saco
(I'm not stuck in a sack)
See video
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