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Studies for changing skies


An ode to the skies.   ​ "Maia Gambis freely explores the mishaps of color and texture in contrast with the clean geometry of line, criss-crossing upon the surface in a calculated manner, as if seeking to achieve a secret balance that could justify the whole.  ​ The fine interplay between the background and foreground is most obvious in her paintings, but also apparent in her photography and installations. The welcoming of 'accidents', or the chance component of the materials she uses, finds a counterpart in the more controlled aspects of her work. In her own words: this combination between keeping a firm hand and 'letting go' allows for a 'loop to be formed' that ultimately gives meaning to her creative process."

Cielo (Sky)
Acrylic on canvas
115.5 x 140 cm
Noche (Night)
Acrylic on canvas
100 x 135 cm
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