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"That which rises... takes shape. 'Yacimiento' in Spanish is translated into English as 'site' or 'field'; fertile ground for natue's elements to exist in their raw form and compose the resources to be exploited by humankind. ​ The materials used and represented in this exhibit consist of found objects left behind in abandoned construction sites: planks of wood, sheets of glass, slabs of rock, textile, wire, industrial garbage bins —even water that sits idle or reflections and sounds that cut through the space—, all of which add to the desolation of the world depicted. ​ Though the intended man-made use for these materials lies within our reach, their meaning is meant to be recycled by the artist's intervention. Slabs of pavement are transformed into a 'pirate boat', planks of wood covered in black 'stone bat' paint, set side-by-side and marked, stand as an abstraction of the planning and building of a highway. ​ Despite the human 'hand' — or perhaps fed by it — these objects molded and transformed (potentially ad infinitum), speak to their original form. As elements, there is a life to them that overrides Man's prerogatives."


Marked textile (laser prints) / editions of 5
Dimensions variable
Parece un pozo (Looks like a water well):  Series of video and sound bites that explore childhood memory through visual and acoustic information that act as stimuli.
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Parece un pozo (Looks like a water well)
Water, industrial garbage can
Video: 1"
Criss-cross (1-3)
Archival pigment prints / editions of 5
Dimensions variable
Knot (13)
Archival pigment print / edition of 5
Dimensions variable
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